5 July 2012
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Welcome to HnB-Websites

Welcome to HnB-Websites , we are company providing completely set up newbie friendly online businesses , these websites are completely out of the box and require absolutely no extra work to run , everything from supplier’s to illustrated guides on how to set it up is provided , all our start up businesses are fully online , no offline work from your side is required to run your business.

These online businesses require no previous experience , technical expertise or web knowledge to run , fully illustrated guides on how to set up the websites and businesses and how to run them are provided , the websites come fully ready with content , shopping carts and products etc installed.

Our websites and businesses range from hotel booking search engines to Web traffic, website business. we have a wide variety of niches available and new ones being tapped into on a regular basis , Flight booking , Car rentals , Hotel search engines are just some of the ready made businesses we supply for you to make money from.

A number of monetization methods are implemented on our custom made websites to make money , some websites are affiliate based , meaning you will make money for every sale or lead occured through your website , others are service resellers along with dropshipping websites etc.

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