Website Development Business

Professionally designed website to start your online business

Niche : Web design Platform : WordPress Monetization : Services Price : Sale $99 Only

What is the Website design Business?

The business for sale is a Website development Business, the business is based on selling outsourced Websites development, a FULLY FUNCTIONAL TURN-KEY Service for Any one looking to start a business and earning cash within 24hrs.

Your new online business will Sell Websites to Any Person or Business, No Experience required. There is HUGE DEMAND for This Service & It’s Growing Every Day… The World Is Turning To Mobile Phones And Devices.

The website is custom designed running on WordPress , making SEO work and future changes very easy , the business model is a very simple and easy 3-step process , it can be run by a professional or a beginner on the internet , and this website has a huge money making potential . With this business you can easily make $200 – $1200 per week in your spare time and no maintenance is required, the business is 100% automated and ready for business .

Absolutely no time is required , everything is outsourced , all the services provided by the supplier , the details for which will be supplied after purchase , all that is required is forwarding the orders you get , to the supplier.

website development business


How the business works

Potential customers and visitors land on your website , looking to buy a Website for their business , these visitors are already potential money makers for you , they are looking for quality website which you can supply to them without you doing any hard work
They browse the website , and hit the Buy Now button , resulting in a sale and a payment for the service straight to your Paypal account , you can change the prices as you wish, but general prices have already been set by us you then forward the order to the supplier and pay them their cost for supplying the service through Paypal ,
The supplier deals with the purchase , delivers the Mobile website etc. , you notify your customer that the order has been completed and send them the product , the difference in the cost of the services and what you have been paid is all yours !!


Profit margins

Package Supplier charges Sale price Profit
Business Websites standard $100 $259 $109
Business Websites ultimate $150 $299 $159
Mobile Website Standard $100 $199 $99
Mobile Website Ultimate $130 $259 $129
eCommerce Website Standard $150 $259 $109
eCommerce Website Ultimate $200 $399 $199

Or you can change the prices to whatever you want very easily , and boost your margins even further !!

Potential earnings

For some webmasters, designing professional mobile website is a big attempt and hiring the job out may seem like it is out of their budget . Nevertheless, it is still something that they consider doing. In fact, payment for making an attractive mobile website will pay off double down the road.

This is the perfect opprtunity for you to get your share in the huge market ! , these are just some figures of the potential income you can get from this business , based on the average profit , and the prices we have set , although you can set the prices as you wish and make even more money !

FEATURES OF Website Development: •You can easily change branding, logo, product names, packages, and prices because you are in complete CONTROL. •The site is integrated with Paypal for fast and easy ordering. •Elegant attractive design.





1 Sale a day Average $91 Average $637 Average $2730 Average $32760
2 Sales a day Average $182 Average $1274 Average $5460 Average $65520
3 Sales a day Average $273 Average $1911 Average $8190 Average $98280




The business website is packed with many many more features
  • Completely automatic
    No work required , no packaging , shipping , posting etc , all businesses are specially planned to have only online work
  • Cross Browser Compatible
    Our websites work in all most popular browsers, including IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.
  • SEO ready
    We really care about that our pages to be search engine friendly, that is why the template is fully optimized
  • Custom header & logo etc
    All our websites have a fully customizable logo and header images(s) , and many more customizable options like colour etc
  • Full setup illustrated documentation
    We have created illustrated guides and tutorials to set up a website fully , from the basics to the advanced tutorials
  • Easy to customize
    We put great emphasis on ease of setup and customization , you can find plenty of options in the admin panel aswell as the tutorials
  • Clean and Modern design
    Our businesses are professionally designed and created to the best quality , clean design is one of our main priorities
  • Out of the box
    We provide fully ready , monetized online businesses , only requiring customers and marketing , for which we provide info on our blog
  • Professional designs
    Professional premium design websites , high quality and uniquely created only for the work from home businesses
  • Healthy profit margins
    We only sell websites which will give you a good return profit , with full business plans documented for you from before !
  • Subsequent PSD files included
    With every package comes PSD files to make your own logo , product boxes , header , banner etc where applicable
  • Ready for set up
    Thanks to our packages , these businesses require nothing but set up , the process is fully illustrated in our guides and tutorials


What do i get with purchase ?



With purchase you will receive all the required files for the website , including the database , content and images , as well as details on what to do with the files



You will also receive fully illustrated simple set up guides and walkthrough’s to get the website and business up and running , everything is covered in these guides


Supplier/contact info

Most importantly we will send you info on where the services sold on your website are supplied from , along with how to set up the delivery process

What happens after i click the Buy Now button and pay ?

After payment , we will send you an automatic Email immediately with the files , guides and everything required so you can start the business immediately , no waiting etc required