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What is the Travel business website?

The money making travel business website for sale is a hotel , flight and car hire search engine website , which makes the chances of earning 3 times more likely ,it does not have its own product but rather works on an affiliate having the potential to earn up to $2 a LEAD , which means the visitor DOES NOT EVEN HAVE TO MAKE A BOOKING , the travel site has a unique design and content unlike the many websites popping up and is fully designed in HTML/CSS , it does not need any extra work and one of the best travel affiliate programs.

The Travel website is custom designed in HTML , making SEO work and future changes very easy , the business model is a very simple and a FULLY AUTOMATED process , it can be run by a professional or a beginner on the internet , this travel business website has a huge money making potential .

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With this travel business search engine booking business you can easily making money online from $400 to $1200 per week in your spare time and no maintenance is required, the business is 100% automated and ready for business . Absolutely no time is required , no software or product is needed

All the bookings etc is dealt with by the parent company , the bookings , payments , cancellations , everything is dealt with by them , you only have to get them visitors , the details of the parent company will be supplied after purchase.

Travel Business Website-1

travel website

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Travel Business Website-2

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How the business works

Potential customers and visitors land on your travel business website , looking to book a hotel , flight or car rental , these visitors are already potential money makers for you , this is the only work required from yourself , getting visitors to the website
They browse the website , and click one of the offers or make a search from the built in search form , they click on one of the search results , that is it ! , you are left with a nice commission of upto $2 , this commission is recorded in you affiliate account
The affiliate company deals with the booking , payment , cancellations etc , and a commission of upto $2 is automatically added to your account with the affiliate account , the affiliate company then pays you on a monthly basis for the leads made the previous month


Potential earnings

The travel market is uniquely lucrative , an 8 trillion dollar a year industry , millions of people travel each and every day , which means that  these travelers will be looking for a place to stay , or a flight to and from their destination , and of course a car to get around  everyday , this is the perfect opprtunity for you to get your share in the huge market !





10 Visitors a day upto $20 upto $140 upto $600 upto $7200
20 Visitors a day upto $40 upto $280 upto $1200 upto $14400
30 Visitors a day upto $60 upto $420 upto $1800 upto $21600
40 Visitors a day upto $80 upto $560 upto $2400 upto $28800
50 Visitors a day upto $100 upto $700 upto $3000 upto $36000
100 Visitors a day upto $200 upto $1400 upto $6000 upto $72000

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Exactly how does the business work

The Travel Business website owner will earn commission on a per-Lead basis. A Lead is generated when a visitor clicks through on the website to one of the compared hotel booking suppliers supplied by the best travel affiliate vendor website , which is only disclosed to the buyer . Since commissions are not paid for hotel bookings , rather for clicks and searches ,  you don’t need to wait for the booking Most affiliates earn an average of between USD $1.00 and $2.00 per lead. Just 100 visitors a day will realistically and easily earn you between $100 and $200 a day without any hassle .

Visitors are also tracked for up to 365 days, so you can continue earning commissions from repeat visits , or if the visitor does not make a booking , but returns within the next 365 days to make a booking you will still get a commission as well as the lead for the search at the beginning .When a visitor clicks on an Affiliate Link, the Affiliate ID gets stored in a tracking cookie on their browser. This cookie lasts up to 365 days (1 year). So, when your visitor generates a Lead, the affiliate vendor uses the Affiliate ID in the tracking cookie to determine that this lead came from your Affiliate Link and your account is credited with commission for that Lead.

It works in a very simple way , all the links are affiliated , and everything is recorded on the affiliate vendors website , where you can log in through their website and check your stats , payments etc , to make any changes you will be editing the html code , for which suport is given,  there is no admin area on the website itself

Essentially, the Travel Business website is a portal, and as soon as the user clicks on pretty much anything, or does a search, it gets recorded in the vendors website , From there, if they chose a hotel, you get the credit as the affiliate commission , if not you still get the $1-$2 for the lead ,

What happens after a search or reservation and who deals with the customers booking ?

The owner of this website only has one job , which is get a visitor to search for a hotel , flight or car , the commission is earned just for clicking on a result after search , no reservation is necessary , all the reservation and everything from then on has nothing to do with the site owner , rather the website we are affiliated with sorts everything else out from then on , including booking and payment for the reservation , changes etc

Please note that all traffic/ visits are not converted as revenue up to $1 to $2. It depends on various factors.


The Travel Business website is packed with many many more features
  • Completely automatic
    No work required , no packaging , shipping , posting etc , all businesses are specially planned to have only online work
  • Cross Browser Compatible
    Our websites work in all most popular browsers, including IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.
  • SEO ready
    We really care about that our pages to be search engine friendly, that is why the template is fully optimized
  • Custom header & logo etc
    All our websites have a fully customizable logo and header images(s) , and many more customizable options like colour etc
  • Full setup illustrated documentation
    We have created illustrated guides and tutorials to set up a website fully , from the basics to the advanced tutorials
  • Easy to customize
    We put great emphasis on ease of setup and customization , you can find plenty of options in the admin panel aswell as the tutorials
  • Clean and Modern design
    Our businesses are professionally designed and created to the best quality , clean design is one of our main priorities
  • Out of the box
    We provide fully ready , monetized online businesses , only requiring customers and marketing , for which we provide info on our blog
  • Professional designs
    Professional premium design websites , high quality and uniquely created only for the work from home businesses
  • Healthy profit margins
    We only sell websites which will give you a good return profit , with full business plans documented for you from before !
  • Subsequent PSD files included
    With every package comes PSD files to make your own logo , product boxes , header , banner etc where applicable
  • Ready for set up
    Thanks to our packages , these businesses require nothing but set up , the process is fully illustrated in our guides and tutorials

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What do i get with purchase ?



With purchase you will receive all the required files for the online business website , including the database , content and images , as well as details on what to do with the files



You will also receive fully illustrated simple set up guides and walkthrough’s to get the website and business up and running , everything is covered in these guides


Supplier/contact info

Most importantly we will send you info on where the services sold on your website are supplied from , along with how to set up the delivery process

 What happens after i click the Buy Now button and pay ?

After payment , we will send you an automatic Email immediately with some details required so we can set it up for you and you can start the business immediately , no waiting etc required

Travel website-1

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Travel Website 1

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Travel Website 2

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Files Included Yes Yes
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