A few words about us :

HnBWebsites.com was created after identifying a common problem new starters in the online industry were having, namely being overwhelmed of information overload and not knowing which direction to go in and where to start,the online world of ecommerce and online entrepreneurship is HUGE, HnBWebsites decided it would only make sense that these newcomers have a turnkey solution and don’t have to go through learning spending up quality time which can be used to earn.

we started providing full online business websites with the business plan, suppliers etch., with only the running of the website left to the buyer along with getting visitors through promotion and marketing.

Currently our turnkey websites lists 9 complete products for sale including website business, SEO/Traffic and affiliate websites like hotel search engines, car rental booking etc.

we make sure none of these online business require any handling of physical products by yourself , which makes the businesses all the more easier to run.

You can check our FAQ page for questions , if you have any more queries or suggestions , please get in touch with us through our contact form or the Email addresses below :

    • No. 14 Robinson Road
    • #08-01A Far East Finance Building
    • Singapore 048545
    • Phone: 9324 2570
    • Email: saleshnb@gmail.com


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