Amazon Web Store

Automated Amazon web store selling Anything of your choice

Niche :  Any  Platform :  Wordpress  Monetization :  Amazon Affiliate Price : Sale $99 Only

What is the Website/Business?

The business for sale is an automated Amazon web store , it does not have its own inventory but rather works on an affiliate basis, and can be populated with the products, categories and colors of your choice,  the site has a unique professional design , comes complete with automatic updating content and runs on WordPress cms, it does not need any extra work.

The site lists amazon products which generate a affiliate commission when a product is sold , all products are listed and updated automatically , no work whatsoever is required

The website is custom designed running on WordPress , making SEO work and future changes very easy , the business model is very simple and easy , it can be run by a professional or a beginner on the internet , and this website has a huge money making potential  . With this business you can easily make $400 – $2000 per week in your spare time and no maintenance is required, the business is 100% automated and ready for business .

Absolutely no time is required , all the products are , delivered , updated and managed by Amazon, the details for setting up your Amazon affiliate account will be supplied after purchase.

You can earn money in three ways:

  • Each products sold on this website will earn you 4-15% commission on each sale.
  • Placement of Google ads to get more chance of clicking ads.
  • Other Ads such as CPA ads can bring you $6,00-12,00/lead from every registered members.

Amazon-1 $99

 Amazon Affiliate Store of your choice

amazon affiliate store

 Platform :Wordpress  Monetization :  Amazon Affiliate  Price : $99.99



Amazon-2 $99

 Amazon Affiliate Store of your choice


 Platform :Wordpress  Monetization :  Amazon Affiliate  Price : $99.99



Amazon-3 $99

 Amazon Affiliate Store of your choice


 Platform :Wordpress  Monetization :  Amazon Affiliate  Price : $99.99




How the business works

Potential customers and visitors land on your website , looking to buy products , these visitors are already potential money makers for you , this the only work required from yourself , getting visitors to the website
They browse the website , and if interested in the products your website offers , they will hit the Buy Now button , resulting in a sale , this payment goes directly to Amazon who are  supplying the services for you , so you do not have to do anything from here on-wards
Amazon will deal  with the purchase , deliver the product etc , and a 4% commission of is automatically added to your account with the affiliate program, the affiliate network then pays you on a monthly basis for the sales made the previous month


Potential earnings

The concept of selling Amzon’s products straight through your website is highly lucrative , mainly because no work from your part is required , the eCommerce sector is booming , millions and millions of people log on the internet everyday looking to purchase products , this is your chance to get a share of it without putting in any real hard work , below are the average earning you would get for selling the products on the website






1 Sale a day $10 $70 $280 $3360
2 Sales a day $20 $140 $560 $6720
3 Sales a day $30 $210 $840 $10080
4 Sales a day $40 $280 $1120 $13440
5 Sales a day $50 $350 $1400 $16800
10 Sales a day $100 $700 $2800 $33600



Automated & Maintenance Free – This website is set up to run on autopilot. With automatically updated “fresh” content and product descriptions daily

No Inventory To Carry – All items listed in this website store are supplied by Amazon so you won’t need to worry about maintaining a large inventory.

Nothing To Ship – Because all the items are supplied from Amazon, we do not have to worry about shipping. Amazon deals with all postage and packaging

No Customer Support To Deal With – Because the products are not owned by us we do not have to deal with queries , Amazon take care of this


Other features

The business website is packed with many many more features
  • Completely automatic
    No work required , no packaging , shipping , posting etc , all businesses are specially planned to have only online work
  • Cross Browser Compatible
    Our websites work in all most popular browsers, including IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.
  • SEO ready
    We really care about that our pages to be search engine friendly, that is why the template is fully optimized
  • Custom header & logo etc
    All our websites have a fully customizable logo and header images(s) , and many more customizable options like colour etc
  • Full setup illustrated documentation
    We have created illustrated guides and tutorials to set up a website fully , from the basics to the advanced tutorials
  • Easy to customize
    We put great emphasis on ease of setup and customization , you can find plenty of options in the admin panel aswell as the tutorials
  • Clean and Modern design
    Our businesses are professionally designed and created to the best quality , clean design is one of our main priorities
  • Out of the box
    We provide fully ready , monetized online businesses , only requiring customers and marketing , for which we provide info on our blog
  • Professional designs
    Professional premium design websites , high quality and uniquely created only for the work from home businesses
  • Healthy profit margins
    We only sell websites which will give you a good return profit , with full business plans documented for you from before !
  • Subsequent PSD files included
    With every package comes PSD files to make your own logo , product boxes , header , banner etc where applicable
  • Ready for set up
    Thanks to our packages , these businesses require nothing but set up , the process is fully illustrated in our guides and tutorials


What do i get with purchase ?



With purchase you will receive all the required files for the website , including the database , content and images , as well as details on what to do with the files



You will also receive fully illustrated simple set up guides and walkthrough’s to get the website and business up and running , everything is covered in these guides


Supplier/contact info

Most importantly we will send you info on where the services sold on your website are supplied from , along with how to set up the delivery process

 What happens after i click the Buy Now button and pay ?

After payment , we will send you an automatic Email immediately with the files , guides and everything required so you can start the Amazon web store business immediately , no waiting etc required