What does HnB-websites offer
We offer completely out of the box work from home online business , in many different niches with a professional design 
What happens after purchase ?
Once you purchase one of our online busisnesses , we will send you an email with all the files required , along with a complete illustrated guide on how to start using the website and making money
How do i set up the website and business ?
Setting up the business is very simple , just follow the few steps in the illustrated guide , and you will be set up in a matter of minutes
Is it a monthly payment subscription or one off payment ?
We do not require monthly payments , all our businesses are sold on one off payments
How much money can i make ?
The amount of money you can make is not limited , but depends on the amount of effort you are willing to give in promoting the website , a real income is not far from easy
Do you offer after-sales support ?
Yes , all our customers are provided with full support , just shoot us an email on support@hnbwebsites.com , and we will be in touch asap
I dont have any tech knowledge , can i still run these businesses ?
Yes , these online businesses are newbie friendly , all design , coding  , setting and tech work has been done for you  
What do i get with my purchase ?
With every purchase you will get

1.Business and website files

2.Full start off guides

3.All required suppliers products etc

About Us

HnB-Websites is a company offering you the chance to buy fully set up online businesses , and start making money from home , with minimal work required , all our products are completely ready out of the box businesses which have been set up by our professional team .

There are many websites on the web providing turnkey websites , most are poorly designed websites with no real business plan , our websites are professionally designed , complete with graphics , text etc all produced by ourselves , with quality content aswell as shopping carts etc already installed .

We provide websites on many platforms , including WordPress , Joomla , Magento etc , accross a number of niches and are expanding rapidly , our businesses have a variety of monetization plans , including dropshipping websites , affiliate websites , we make sure none of these websites require any handling of physical products by yourself , which makes the businesses all the more easier to run .

If you have any queries or suggestions , please get in touch with us through our contact form


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